Classic 60's and 70's Inspired Pop Music

Nectarine - First Sight - 2014


This album was written over a 9 month period. Enough songs were written to make two albums. The best were cherry picked for this one. This album has more emphasis on the rhythm section than the first one.

released July 6, 2014 

All songs written by and all parts played by Paul Ellis. 
Vocals by Terry Eaton.

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Nectarice - Skywritten Memory - 2013


"My first play of this CD was sitting in the dark on a very cold evening watching snowflakes fall under a lone streetlight and opener "Snowbirds" certainly changed the mood sounding like a forgotten Crowded House tune, both ornate and catchy. Classic Bread, the sophisticated sounds of Prefab Sprout, The Blue Nile as well as the pop smarts of Jellyfish are colorfully brushed across Nectarine's sundappled musical palette and it's a winning mix with expertly crafted songwriting and uplifting, at times haunting melodies that lingers long after the disc stops spinning. Ellis and Eaton both share lead vocal duties and harmonize beautifully often recalling 60's pop masters The Association and while it's hard to pick a favorite cut with so much quality on display, the XTC meets Jellyfish pastiche of "Summon The Devil" sure hits the spot". 
Eric Abrahamsen - Glory Daze 

"From the first notes to the last haunting refrain, listening to Nectarine is like putting on your favorite coat and nestling in for the winter. Evocative acoustic guitars and pristine songwriting combine to generate an emotional response missing in so much of today's music. Fans of XTC and Jellyfish will find a new favorite band, and hopefully this is the first album of many from this exceedingly tasty duo." 
-Steve Turnidge, Mastering engineer at Ultraviolet Studios and author of "Desktop Mastering" and "Beyond Mastering" 

"It's not too often these days that you can listen to an album and immediately recognize that a specific group has got "that certain something.” In an era when too many rock bands have assumed the “we have limited talent, so we’ll use computer enhancements” formula, it’s great to hear a band that produces sincere songs with the fervor - and yes, the skill - that we’ve been missing in much of the Power Pop of today. Skywritten Memory will take you back to the great songwriting and airy, atmospheric sounds of such notable singer-songwriters as Paddy McAloon and Prefab Sprout, and Crowded House. You will definitely hear influences from the past in Nectarine’s music. But make no mistake, this band is certainly a refreshing, unique pleasure to the ears. Once you start listening to Skywritten Memory you won’t want to stop." 
-Raina LeGarreta The Elk Grove Citizen Newspaper, and Souls & Sounds Productions 

"Nectarine's 'Skywritten Melody' is an exquisite collection of songs, each one beautiful. They flow into each other, and the lyrics are so haunting and poignant, they evoke involuntary memories. Paul Ellis has captured moments in his songs that we can all relate to, and this album has become my favorite." 
-Patti Johnson 

"Excellent album. The whole thing works. I love the shift to the jazzy chords, the terrific vocals, chord progression, the lyrics are smart, sly and off-center but hit the mark which is what I love about your tunes. You really know how to craft an economical song time-wise like in the 60's. There is an art to that. I am a big fan of your work and am amazed what gems your songs are. You have a real gift with observation. That's what I find compelling about your work." 
-Tom James 

These dappled chords, sway in the breeze like rippling leaves. 
My taste in music spans most forms of popular music and many genres outside of the popular music spectrum. Shades of Baroque and Orchestral Pop with traces of Jazz and 70's singer-songwriter and soft rock make this a perfect companion piece to a Sunday morning comedown. The lyrics are literate yet accessible with narratives that are quite diverse and unconventional for music that, on the surface, might sound like easy listening, but these aren't silly love songs! At 15 songs and 43 minutes, the album does not overstay its welcome. Even if its easy going nature does not grab hold right away, it is the type of album that is layered well enough that it reveals its charms with repeated listens. It's definitely a grower. 
The first cut was pleasant enough, but it was the second track "You're the Ghost" that really pulled me in. The song waltzes along with a vocal that is almost otherworldly and yet, inviting with soft guitars, light percussion and strings that transport you into another dimension. Lush harmonies carry you along for the ride. Another highlight from the record is the majestic and jazzy "Slivered Moon." "Summon the Devi" bounces along with swinging piano and tasty guitar licks. "Let's Be Alive." glides along with pleasant harmonies and a melody that sticks in your head. Many of these songs remind me of early 70's-America and "Odyssey and Oracle"-era- Zombies. "The Painter's Smile" is a sad lament that could bring a tear to your eye. "Love Song For A Record Store" is about a beloved record store that any record collector and music lover, who has ever spent hours digging through vinyl, could appreciate. 
This record has an ethereal and haunting quality at times and many of the songs are easily suited for a cloudy, chilly autumn day. My suggestion is to pour yourself a cup of coffee and put the headphones on and allow yourself the opportunity to explore the world through the eyes of this unique duo known as Nectarine. 
-Jon Williams 

released October 12, 2013 

All songs written by Paul Ellis 
Vocals by Terry Eaton except for tracks 4, 7, 11, 13

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Pop Archaelogy Transmission - It Is What It Is - 2008


Pop Archeology Transmission is the work of two old friends who wanted to re-explore the"pop music as art" aesthetic they both grew up with. Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen come from radically different musical places. Paul has released 13 albums of European Electronic Music and is a noted synthesist in this style. Kevin has played in bands ranging from Jazz Ensembles to Ska to Johnny Thrash; a thrash punk Cash tribute. They both draw on their love of 60\'s and 70\'s songwriting styles, combining that with more impressionistic production techniques. 

"Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen are friends from Portland Oregon
who claim to feel an affinity with local musicians Elliott Smith and The Shins - and what do you know the music they make is just as rewarding as that combination sounds. This kind of literate, intelligent but heartfelt pop doesn't come down the pike very often but when it does it resonates forever after. The common thread throughout is that you still can't predict how the songs are going to unfold. It's a big old 20-track album too. These normally induce a coma by track 13 - but I can't get enough of this stuff.


Marco Rossi - Shindig Magazine


"Get the Pop Archeology Transmission album "It Is What It Is". What it 
Excellent! Fine songwriting, singing and production throughout, and quite original 
in it's approach. Paul Ellis and Kevin Bowen have slightly different styles of 
songwriting but the album works as a whole. I hear an early 70's hit radio 
influence in some of Bowen's material, while some of Ellis's tracks have an air 
of sophistication in the Andy Partridge / XTC mold. I found it an extremely enjoyable listen from 
beginning to end!"

-Rick Gallego - Cloud Eleven


"The Red Button Loves Pop Archeology Transmission!
Great Stuff! This is an extraordinarily good album. 
It has a lot of 10CC influence on it, which I love.
If this album came out in the 70's it would have been 
one of those that I would have bought immediately and 
would have played on FM radio (When FM radio really 
meant something.) The singing and playing are top notch.
I'm going through the songs slowly enjoying many on 
first listen. "She Blew It Like A Kiss" is very 
sophisticated and beautiful in its unexpected changes, 
very strong writing. This is one terrifically impressive
People need to hear it!"

-Seth Swirsky - The Red Button


This is a unique, pure and perfect, Brit-inspired, 'Sunday Afternoon Pop'! The breezy, lush, hypnotic-at-times arrangements are all positively wonderful, the hushed vocals reach heavenly heights, and even the purest pop fanatics won't mind the influx of some (very tasty) synth injections! 'So Much' is as a sugar-sweet pop gem if ever there was one. Simply wonderful, wondeful, wonderful!" 
- Max Humphries - Power Pop News