Anthologies and Collaborations

Six of One Volume One - 2014


Six Of One is an anthology in three parts of remastered tracks taken from Paul's first six albums. The tracks in Vol. 1 are from the albums "Appears To Vanish" and "Into The Liquid Unknown"

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Six of One Volume Two - 2014


Six Of One is an anthology in three parts of remastered tracks taken from Paul's first six albums. The tracks in Vol. 2 are from the albums "The Sacred Ordinary" and "Silent Conversations"

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Six of One Volume Three - 2014


Six Of One is an anthology in three parts of remastered tracks taken from Paul's first six albums. The tracks in Vol. 3 are from the albums "The Infinity Room" and "The Last Hiding Place Of Beauty"

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Ozone Player

Orange Apples - 2008

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Ron Boots

See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words - 2008

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Analogy Vol. 1

Various Artists - 2005



Life Sequence

Steve Roach - 2003

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Beyond Me - 2001




"The sleevenotes read like a veritable "who's who" of current synth artists: Paul Ellis, Nemesis, Free System Projekt, Robert Carty, Rudy Adrian, Kubusschnitt, Dave Fulton, Synthetic Block, Paul Nagle, Arcane, John Christian (from AirSculpture) and Ramp. This project was borne from the internet chat group "Beyond_Em". As Paul Ellis, the co-ordinator says on the sleeve "I was surprised by the number of other musos on the list and the quality of their work. I threw out an idea where one musician would pick up the musical thread or seed idea from the previous musician and crossfade the pieces and make an album that way."

'Beyond Me' is the result, a virtual embarrassment of riches. There is so much tempting music on this album you really won't know where to start. The majority of tracks are new, only the Arcane piece has appeared previously on the 'Alterstill' CDR, and Paul Nagle's track has appeared in remixed form on 'Blue Book'. Just before I dive into the tracks, one mention for the sleeve graphics especially the inside cover featuring cartoon cameos of all the artists - it's very cleverly done.

Fittingly Paul Ellis gets the show on the road with a fantastic piece called 'Into the Liquid Unknown' (8.19). It features magnificent sequence contortions which are intertwining counterpoint, the rhythms all coming from the pulsing sequencers, and at other times accompanied by perfectly judged silken pads. Next up is 'Nemesis' with 'Siloportem'(7.25). A punchy beat underpins expert sequencing and some classic mellotron sounds. Again it's a top notch synth outing, and blends perfectly with the former piece, and the next track for that matter - 'Pharos' (5.27) from 'Free System Projekt. This really does bring to mind mid 70's EM with Mellotron timbres painting a patchwork of sound which could be straight from 'Phaedra'. Half way through the piece those trademark FSP pulsations start up and we are on another roller coaster of rampant moog style sequences and epic synth textures.

Robert Carty contributes 'Outside Influences' (5.10) which opens with strange alien utterings before a slow but mammoth beat appears around which all manner or electronic detail is layered. It sounds slightly tribal, Aztec culture comes to mind, such as the more atmospheric work of Richard Burmer. Next it's Rudy Adrian with 'Secrets in Sahara Sands' (6.42) which carries on the atmosphere and style perfectly, yet stamps a very different interpretation with a choppy sequence and ethereal synth layers. Kubusschnitt's 'Vantage Trick' (6.18) will surprise (and disappoint) no-one, being a classic slab of retro sequencing with electric guitar angst pitched perfectly in the mix. Dave Fulton's 'Falling Away' (5.32) takes the baton, a strangely beguiling collection of electronic throbs and drones while 'Flash of Attention' (1.45) by Synthetic Block is a brief but perfectly formed cameo which features syncopating oscillations.

Paul Nagle's 'Adventure' (8.37) opens with a marvellous arpeggiating sequence and an infectious melody. John Hickey contributes foreboding words before "the cave closes" to allow Arcane's 'Alterstill part 3' (6.00) to be unleashed. If by some twist of fate you haven't got this track, the situation needs to be rectified immediately. First aired at Jodrell Bank, this is possibly the only track which has ever left myself and Dave Law speechless at the same time.

'Heathkit Interociter' (4.12) by John Christian is a fascinating and quite unique sequence based track - wonderfully inventive in construction, very melodic and hugely entertaining. Finally Ramp serve up 'Rapture of the Deep' (6.21) and this has to be heard to be believed - atmospherics from the Gods.

What an album! No matter what your taste in EM this has it all, in one cohesive high quality package. Buy without hesitation. "


"VARIOUS ARTISTS: Beyond Me (CD on Neu Harmony)

With the emphasis on sequencer-heavy dynamic melodies, few electronic collections pack as much satisfaction as this 72 minute CD from 2001 (which was organized and compiled by Paul Ellis). This release features all-new tracks by such electronic music luminaries as: Paul Ellis (from Dweller at the Threshold), Nemesis, Free System Projekt, Robert Carty, Rudy Adrian, Kubusschnitt, Dave Fulton (from Dweller at the Threshold), Synthetic Block, Paul Nagle, Arcane, John Christian (from Airsculpture), and Ramp. There's no ambience going on here. This music is set on attack mode, and crammed with an inordinate ratio of energetic rhythms and ecstatic riffs.

Worthwhile and essential, this collection may never leave your CD player once you hear it."

-Sonic Curiosity

"An attractive set of twelve songs in very attractive twelve performances, prepared thanks to the efforts of Neu Harmony. Performers appearing on the album do not need to be introduced or recommended to anyone: we will hear here Paul Ellis , Free System Project , Kubusschnitt , Paul Nagle , Ramp ... Paul Ellis is the mastermind behind Beyond me. This is one of the great proofs that sequential electronics are not only in great shape, but they are also flourishing and constantly evolving, absorbing possible accretions from other, no less interesting, musical directions. The performers presented in this compilation always manage to capture this magical "something", characteristic of the electronic wizardry accomplishments of the pioneers. All the pieces are worth close attention. This is an excellent introduction to the genre, and for the advanced listener, it is sparkling and attractive."