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A Guitar Has Moonlight In It - 2017


This is my impression of French Impressionism. I use the nylon string Classical Guitar, mostly, though with light touches of keyboards, effects and studio processing to give it a musically psychedelic flavor. Basically an album of original DIY Classical Guitar music by someone who grew up in the Prog Rock era. Aided and abetted on keyboards by Otso Pakarinen on tracks 3 and 8.


A Guitar Has Moonlight In It will surprise you with the magic of the guitar, while the ambient undertone remains present throughout the album. It's a different approach and the work of a master who never ceases to surprise us with his ability to create something simply spectacular. The atmosphere here is contemplative, but not dark, and the artist shows us various soundscapes, presenting them to us like paintings at an exhibition. Each painting stands out in a circle of gilded light, glowing and beckoning you to let yourself be carried away by the story in it. Positive emotions are evoked in these lyrical soundscapes: patience, hope, desire, delight, and all of them make us enjoy the beauty of life the way we do when we are watching the sky painted with vibrant colors at sunrise.

-Diana Tudorache

“A Guitar has Moonlight in it” is a dreamy, soothing tapestry of musical sounds that lifts the spirit. The lovely guitar work creates impressions of moonlit nights, starry skys, warm summer evenings and magical expectations as in “Walking with You in Dreamlight.” This Guitar most certainly has Lunar beauty in it and expresses it beautifully."

-Rita Wolle

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