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Listen Silent - 2014


A long form gentle ambient space with haunting melodies and mesmerizing textures.


Paul Ellis's LISTEN SILENT is not your average ambient music album. At first, one might think that this work was designed solely to fill the sound space but LISTEN SILENT conceals a much greater richness. Paul Ellis's ambient music reflects a vibrant soul and LISTEN SILENT makes no exception to that rule. LISTEN SILENT is a haunting piece of music with a soft and humming bass. Under the synth layers, like the waves of an ocean of sounds, the informed listener will perceive a latent melody reminiscent of the works of 20th century minimalist composers (Henryk Górecki springs to mind) or EM musicians of the Pacific School (such as Steve Roach). Once again, LISTEN SILENT displays the usual characteristics of Paul Ellis's ambient music: each sound and synth layer has been perfectly designed and crafted with care. Carried away by the waves of this timelessly beautiful music, the ambient music fan will want to embark on that journey time and time again.

-Robert Hamel

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Breathing Space - 2014


This is a minimalist album created in two slowly morphing parts. A companion piece to "Wrapped In Silence". It makes an atmosphere that breathes in and out filling the room with a slowly drifting mood that enchants and soothes, creating a quiet organic and reflective space.


BREATHING SPACE From the moment I discovered Paul Ellis’s music, I was fascinated by the creativity, versatility, and skills of this veteran musician of the American EM scene. His music transcends his numerous influences into a style all his own. BREATHING SPACE is an ambient, minimalist opus where the beauty of the music is matched only by its purity. It is obvious that every sound has been carefully designed and crafted. Showing no superfluous special effects, BREATHING SPACE will carry the listener away while touching their soul. It is the perfect album for one to escape from their everyday concerns and connect with the true beauty of music. As the title implies, BREATHING SPACE is just that… and more: It offers space to breathe. It also fills the space and gives one a taste of what space just might feel like. If you’re a fan of ambient music, BREATHING SPACE will certainly own a place of choice in your collection … and in your heart.

-Robert Hamel

Breathing Space is one of my favorite albums by Paul Ellis, with its soothing ambiance. There's a silky smooth development to the music here, as it evolves slowly, sinuously, sometimes almost darkly, sometimes uplifting, like the soft waves of a cool blue sea. In Breathing Space we listen to the magic of the purest form of ambient. The ambiance Paul Ellis creates is like no one else's, as it has the power of drawing you in and carrying you into another dimension, one that you will not forget. This album shows us that Paul Ellis is a very unique artist who has the gift of painting the most amazing and profound soundscapes which will offer you a wonderful experience.

-Diana Tudorache

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Dark Machine Generation - 2010


This piece is an excursion into darker ambient territories. This was assembled over a long period of time, by "smearing" audio into abstract shapes and fitting them together. I was especially influenced by the video "In The Realms Of The Unreal (The Mystery Of Henry Darger)" This is my impression of the huge world he created in his tiny little room.

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Wrapped in Silence - 2010


I originally created this music originally just for myself. I wanted to make an enveloping space to create a quiet atmosphere for my home. 
It took me a long time to decide to share it because it was so different than what I usually write. I noticed that I was playing it all the time. It put me in a blissful mood. It had no point to prove and didn't hurry to get anywhere, it just unfolded at its own pace. 
There are no loops... I played it all the way through, improvising in the key of C# minor. It actually took quite a few takes to get it the way I wanted it... I had to keep telling myself to play more slowly. I made several variations of a string pad sound on different synthesizers and would reach between several keyboards and the mixer to slowly change the tone as I played it.


This is the second version of the album. The first was edited down to 60 minutes due to the limitations of Bandcamp uploading limits. I found the original 80 minute mix of it and remastered it, then split it into 2 sections i also restored a low bass track on the second part. This is my favorite version of this album.

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