The Interior Rhythms - 2019


The Interior Rhythms came about by experimenting with subtracting sound from a mix. Traditionally rhythms are created by -adding- a sound, such as a snare or kick drum, superimposed over other instruments. Here, the rhythm bed was created by subtracting frequencies from the main mix with the use of a rhythmic filter. The opening and closing of the filter carving the rhythm out of the mix by use of negative space. 
Paul and Daryl both share a love of hiking in the Pacific Northwest so that became part of the narrative. The goal was to create an impressionistic soundscape of a hike through a rainforest where the focus would slowly change from the exterior world of sounds and images to the interior and back again. The environment is of the natural world, of water and wind, of light and shadow, and the most subtle gradations of sonority and color. 
The first 4 tracks are 20 minutes each. The 5th and 6th tracks are extended versions of two tracks crossfaded into longer immersions. 
you can play one after the other and that will be an almost 80 minutes soundscape (Which is how we recommend listening to this album) Bandcamp upload limitations stopped us from getting the one long mix version. 
We've tried to make The Interior Rhythms echo, shimmer and vibrate with magic, expanding outward in rippling waves. Let it create an environment for you to swim around in.


The album The Interior Rhythms offers an unforgettable journey for the mind and soul. It creates a world of dark, liquid mysteries that beckons us to dive in and discover the mirage of intricate patterns and sound architecture. The ambience in the first track unfolds dark and brooding, like an unfathomable lake in the night, waiting to be discovered. As our free fall progresses, a world of light and shadow emerges from under the waves and with the second track we are led slowly out of the night. An ethereal sun bestows its warmth, revealing a myriad of gilded mirrors, smooth structures and unexplored paths. I always smile as I listen to this track, it's so gentle and optimistic. Let yourself drift down one of those paths through this magical world, and new shapes and silhouettes will captivate you. After the second track has comforted us with its mirage of silky smooth shapes and sun-rays, the third track will plunge us into a new dimension. A hypnotic rhythm carries us into a tunnel of trees swaying in the underwater current. The atmosphere is dark again, creating the impression that something is going to happen. And it does. The rhythm in the fourth track changes, opening up new horizons to the listener. There is movement, life in this realm of underwater arabesques, sending a pleasant wave of relaxation over our entire being. This album by Paul Ellis is a masterpiece and one of my favorites. Paul Ellis's music is not just relaxing and inspiring, it has a powerful influence that contributes tremendously to the electronic genre.

Diana Tudorache

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Now Then - 2018


Now Then is an album that I thought I had completely lost. I had started work on the foundations of these tracks when my computer died. And though I usually do this right away I hadn't backed up the files. 
So I built a new recording PC and moved on from there, thinking I would never recover that album and began recording my next one, Moth In Flames. 
A few months back I was looking in a hard drive and was surprised to find a subfolder that had mixes of the pieces I thought I had lost and discovered that they were mixed well enough I could continue adding to them and finally finish it. 
There was a period when I took a break from writing spacemusic, but enough time had passed that when I found these tracks I realized that finishing them would be the perfect way to shift gears back into writing electronic music. 
I added a few new parts and segued all the tracks together to form one long 46-minute piece, classic style. I wanted a sound that blended precision and clear cut lines with the more impressionistic progressive and psychedelic approach to spacemusic.


The world Paul Ellis creates is always unique in its mystery. It provides the rhythm of our lives, and the music here is part of Paul Ellis's soul, a part of the universe. If you are here, it means you belong in this universe, too, and his song is a whole, with planets and people dancing in the light of the Suns. In this reality there are also love stories, heroic or mysterious, having their own rhythm - sometimes romantic, sometimes  darker, or persistent. There are long rhythmic movements, the sound of the heartbeat of the universe. We feel the universe's breath, infusing us with life. If you are here, it means you've discovered the reality of music. Music as part of the universe. The mysterious part of the place reveals itself slowly.

-Sorin Tudorache

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​Fragments of the Great Blue Nowhere - 2012


Unlike most of my work which is sprawling large canvas sequencer based spacemusic, this is a collection of miniatures. Different than what people expect from me, but I think among these pieces are some of my finest melodies.


The album Fragments Of The Great Blue Nowhere contains sixteen miniature soundscapes - jewels that shine with depth, sensitivity and beauty. Each piece has its own rhythm and conveys messages full of emotions that open the doors to contemplation and imagination. This album, just like Paul Ellis's other works, provides the perfect ambience for enjoyment and creation. When you listen to this outstanding work of art, it's like you step into a dimension where everything is much more beautiful, as these soundscapes are colorful, fluid in their clarity, and uplifting. The music here is like an energizing force, mesmerizing and captivating, and you cannot remain unmoved. Let your heart beat with the flow and rhythm of this music and you will feel more in tune with yourself and the universe. Paul Ellis is exploring more song like structures, here. Still electronic and textural, but most of them are more lyrical and miniature. 

-Diana Tudorache

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Confidant and Saboteur - 2011


Some rediscovered pieces from an earlier era.

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